Hungarian Roma
World War II

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Learning & Teaching

Lesson plans

Digital lesson plans and teaching modules for secondary and undergraduate audiences

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A directory of key persons, geographical locations and terms

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Mosaic of Victims

Databases of identified Roma victims of World War II in Hungary, containing the data of deportees to Nazi camps, the victims of mass executions committed in Hungarian territory, as well as the casualties of military service and labour service and civilian war victims.

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Digital catalogue of Roma genocide memorials in Hungary and photographic documentation of memorial events

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Anti-Roma mass killings in Hungary, 1944-1945


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Deportations of Roma from Hungary, 1944

The map contains those localities in wartime Hungary, where the number of deported Roma was at least 5

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Roma population in Hungary during WW2

The number and proportion of Roma in counties and administrative districts in Hungary. Data culled from the state census of January 1941 and the estimation of public health officers from December 1941

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Archival Database

A collection of archival documents, including administrative records, post-war trials and investigative records culled from 20 state archives in Hungary and the neighbouring countries. The database is searchable by names, geographical names and 15 keywords covering various aspects of everyday life, discrimination and persecution.

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Photo Library

Photo selection culled from and links to major collections documenting Roma history in Hungary

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A selected and annotated bibliography of the modern history of the Hungarian Roma, with an emphasis on the Holocaust era

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About us

This project is dedicated to safeguarding the historical record of the persecution of the Roma in Hungary during World War II. Through an international partnership, the National Archives of Hungary develops an online portal that offers a digital catalogue of archival records, databases of victims, teaching modules, visualizations, images, and additional key information on the subject. Over the long term, this project aims to contribute to the deeper integration of Roma history in education, research, and public discourse in Central Europe.


Project leader
László Csősz

Project assistant
Zsófia Keres

Archival database
Zsolt Bajzik, Dorottya Balogh, Attila Bősz, Ernő Csekő, László Csősz, Péter Dominkovits, Attila Gáspár, Zsolt Galcsik, Attila Gidó, József Gyenesei, József Harmat, Zoltán Hegedűs, József Kis, Gyula Kosztyó, Andrea Dr. Kunné Tornóczky, Dávid Molnár, János Nübl, Zoltán Paksy, Ádám Pálfi, Gabriella Vékonyné Kovács

Databases of victims
Attila Landauer, László Csősz

Educational content
Mónika Mezei

László Csősz, Zsófia Keres


Gerhard Baumgartner,
György Majtényi,
Péter Szuhay


Krisztián Kerék